Camp Ivona, Foča


Camp Ivona
+387 58 212741
+387 65 660 556;+387 65 873 208
Bosnia and Herzegovina Foča

Apartment data

Water view
Fitted kitchen


Big city 2 km
Restorante 5 m
Doctor 20000 m
Beach 100 m
Camp Ivona, Foča
Apartments Persons Category
Bungalows 1-24 (2-6) 6
Apartments Full_area Bedroom Living_room Kitchen Bathroom Terrace
Bungalows 1-24 (2-6)
Camp Ivona, Foča

*per request
For guests coming from the direction of Slovenia and Croatia: The shortest and fastest route is via the motorway towards Slavonski Brod, the border crossing entering Bosnia. Continue on the main road in the direction of Derventa-Doboj-Zenica-Sarajevo. Upon entering Sarajevo turn right towards Foca and then head in the direction of Trnovo-Dobro Polje- Miljevina. Then turn right and follow the road to Nikšić (Montenegro). You will arrive at the petrol station Majnex then turn left after the bridge and go right towards Nikšić. From the petrol station Majnex to the camp is 16 km. The road will become increasingly narrow, do not worry - if you follow the directions, you are on the right track. Camp Ivona is located on the right side of the road. For guests coming from the direction of Serbia, follow the Ibarska highway, then navigate Uzice - Visegrad - Gorazde and then Foca. In Foco go over the bridge, which is on your right hand side. For the first bridge, turn right and then turn right again. 20 km from the bridge is Ivona camp, located on the right side. The road will become increasingly narrow, do not worry, you`re on the right track. From the direction of Montenegro: head towards Pluľine, go across the border to Šćepan Polju and enter Bosnia. After 4 km on the left is camp Ivona.
Foča, Camp Ivona, Foča, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 24 bungalows with a total capacity of 90 persons. Bungalows are for 2-3-4-5-6 persons, Specials, accommodations, private accommodation, please contact .. Book an apartment, cheaper accommodation directly from the owner.