Pansion Csomád, Baile Tusnad


Virág József
+40 266 335 550
+40 266 335 550;+40 744 586 929
Romania, Transylvania, 535100 Baile Tusnad , Harghita str.Kovacs Miklos nr.64
hungarian, romanian

Apartment data

Water view
Fitted kitchen


Big city 33 km
Center 1000 m
Restorante 100 m
Doctor 1000 m
Beach 1500 m
Market 800 m
Pansion Csomád, Baile Tusnad
Apartments Persons Category
Ap-B1 (4+2) 6
Ap-B2 (2+2) 4
Ap-B3 (2+2) 4
Ro-1-5 (A)
Ro-1-8 (C)
Ro-9-10 (C)
Apartments Full_area Bedroom Living_room Kitchen Bathroom Terrace
Ap-B1 (4+2)
Ap-B2 (2+2)
Ap-B3 (2+2) --
Ro-1-5 (A) 1 1/5 1 2/
Ro-1-8 (C) 1 1 1/
Ro-9-10 (C) 1 1
Pansion Csomád, Baile Tusnad

The Csomád Guesthouse's*** name comes from the place where it is situated, at 750 meters above sea level, at the foot of the Csomád mountain in the beautiful surroundings of Baile-Tusnad.
Baile-Tusnad is one of the most beautiful spas of Transylvania. Orbán Balázs, in his work, 'The description of Székelyföld' calls it 'The pearl of Transylvania'. And not without reason, as its volcanic mountains within which just the Olt river managed to make its way, work their magic on anybody visiting this place. We, as Guesthouse owners, work on turning your stay in a wonderful relaxation within the Csomad complex. We try to offer services which satisfy all your needs and will make you come back.
The Csomádpanzió consists of three buildings, 'A, B, C'. The 'A' building has five rooms with a bathroom and a common living room with a 50 m2 fireplace. In 'B' there are three apartments, two of which are equipped with kitchen. In the 'C' building there are 10 rooms with a wardrobe room, with 8 balconies. Residents of the pension are entitled to use of the ski resort.
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